Svetlana Ragimova
I put meaning into words
  • I'm a journalist and editor-in-chief covering all spectrum of the information technologies since 2000 with focus on B2B market, and specifically in business press since 2006 (at Kommersant Publishing House, "Company" business-magazine 2006-2011, 1999-2006 Mobile News mag).
  • I'm a PR and Content Marketing Consultant. I help companies and persons to understand how the press works, how journalists think and how to build publicity based on this knowledge. Moreover, how to define key messages, how to differentiate a product and a company, how to address and distribute the key messages to reach out to target groups.
  • I'm a Media Manager. I create a concept of media, build an editorial team and organize content creation and distribution processes, sponsors and advertisers relationship.
  • I'm an entrepreneur: I'm a cofounder of a research and analytical agency 42Future, cofounder of GetImpulse startup.
  • I'm a coach of personal growth. I help to find the happiness in life. I don't teach or tell what to do. I just ask direct questions and person answer to her\himself.
  • I travel all over the world and never bored to discover new places and meet new people everywhere.
Work experience
Strategic Marketing, Content Marketing, PR Consultant
Since 2009
Have been providing PR consulting services for startups and mature companies since 2009. For some of these, created unique anti-crises strategies and right positioning during a court trial, as a result of which the client won a settlement.
Qrator Labs is a company with which I had the longest engagement (May 2014 to September 2017). Built all PR processes from scratch, created a 3-years PR strategy, recruited the team and helped execute the action plan providing consulting weekly and training sessions for speakers. Also started to introduce the company to the market analysts and researchers. Qrator Labs was considered to be the best DDoS-mitigation solution in the Russian market by IDC. The company became one of the opinion leaders in the field of cybersecurity and is often mentioned in US media. The company achieved all KPI of the 3-years strategy.
Editor-in-Chief since 2013 and author since 2008 at thematic supplement "Informational Technologies" to Kommersant business-newspaper
Kommersant — one of the main business daily newspaper in Russia. I know all about hottest trends of IT industry and write about them regularly. I'm the editor-in-chief of thematic supplement to Kommersant newspaper — "Informational Technologies" since 2013. It is published quarterly on 4-12 pages with A3 size. I'm responsible for all content of the supplement — I write some articles by myself, I hire and manage the best tech journalists in Russia to do that. Also from time to time I create specialized thematic supplement to Kommersant, covering concrete topic. Some of them: "Internet of Things", "Future technologies", 5G, "IT in Defense Industry", "Electronic Business Marketplaces", "Improving Business Performance", "Digital Technologies for Business", "Networked Society", "Digital Transformation in Banking Industry", "Geoinformational Technologies", "Networked City", etc.
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Editor-in-Chief at corporate press
I created new conseption (rubrics, formats, topics) of corporate magazine of the biggest telecom company in Russia -- Rostelecom. I published 3 issues as the editor-in-chief covering Internet industry in Russia, Content Industry, IIoT, etc.
I was invited to be an editor-in-chief for Rostech conference magazine CIPR in 2016 and 2017.
In 2012 I created as editor-in-chief one issue of the corporate magazine for Megafon mobile carrier.
Freelance Journalist
Since 1999 year I wrote hundreds of pieces about IT, innovations, science, startups and other topics. They were published in different media, including Forbes, "Profile" magazine, Business Week Magazine (by Bloomberg), RusBase, Venture Capital (VC), Dengi (Money), Firm's Secret, RG, FHM, Aeroflot magazine, Woman's Health, Yoga journal, Buddhism.RU, etc.
Stanford University, 2018
Copywriting for Effective Marketing Communications
by J. Cafesin
Continuing studying, A+ grade
Saint-Petersburg Coaching Institute
Certified Personal Development Coach
Essential Message, 2009

Michel Neray educational program for consultant and coaches (consoaches)
1 year of MBA, Innovative Hi-Tech Project Management, in Moscow International Business School
Polytechnical State University of Saint-Petersburg
Master of Computer Science with Honor
Polytechnical State University of Kharkov, Ukraine
Bachelor of Computer Science with Honor
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